A poem to myself

The long black tresses teasing your visage, The eyes having a million stories to narrate, The long nose claiming to rule your face, The dark 'sun spots' spread across the surface, And the Mona Lisa smile hovering over your chin Hiding many a feelings and thoughts within, I love them all; more than anyone has …

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New Year Greetings

It is almost a week into 2018. I might be the latest one here on wordpress to post a New Year blog. But 'better late than never', right? So, here I'm with my heartfelt greetings and prayers for the new year.   Oh Lord! The Love & Light of my life..Please give us strength to …

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While turning a new leaf – A prayer

We all experience it..the fear, the uncertainty, and the tense anticipation that accompany any new change in life..A myriad of emotions paint our hearts and our minds whenever a new leaf is turned. Perhaps, it's good to remind ourselves during those moments that change is the law of nature. It is during such periods of …

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