The Big Dipper

I lie awake on the terrace, late at night Staring at the splendid starry sky And all I could watch, as hours pass by Is the Big Dipper of seven lights. Neither the crescent moon, nor the fleeting clouds Or the dazzling stars twinkling in the background Could steal my eyes away from the 'plough' …

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Happy Indian Army Day!

Behold! our mighty saviors Keeping their guard up at the borders, Amidst dusty sandstorms and piercing rainfall And in scorching heat and chilling snowfall, Through sleepless nights devoid of moonlight And hungry days, with stomachs tight; They live exemplary lives of sacrifice To protect us from threats and vice. -©Surya Ramachandran   Today, we observed …

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‘The Peepal’ Birthday Post – Thank You!!! 😊

Yay!!! Today, Nov 5th, marks the first anniversary of 'The Peepal' and my first birthday as 'underthepeepal'. Looking back at the first time I pressed the 'publish' button (that was for my first post Welcome to peepal, people!), I realize how much this blog was able to grow due to the unconditional love and support I …

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Quatrain #2

  A NEW BEGINNING It's been a long time...How are you all? I'm terribly sorry for being inconsistent in my posting. 😞I hope I'm not forgotten yet...😅 That aside, please check out my Scrapbook page for a new photo update!! Happy Blogging! Love, Surya😊