New Year Greetings

It is almost a week into 2018. I might be the latest one here on wordpress to post a New Year blog. But 'better late than never', right? So, here I'm with my heartfelt greetings and prayers for the new year.   Oh Lord! The Love & Light of my life..Please give us strength to …

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Time flies, the clock ticks away The seconds that were never meant to stay Cuddling my pillow, I close my eyes Pretending to be a dormant seed frozen in ice, Waiting for the springs's Sun to shine So that I could sprout and bloom with the flowing time.. ══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ═══════ There are memories I …

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Quatrain #2

  A NEW BEGINNING It's been a long time...How are you all? I'm terribly sorry for being inconsistent in my posting. 😞I hope I'm not forgotten yet...😅 That aside, please check out my Scrapbook page for a new photo update!! Happy Blogging! Love, Surya😊  

Ignite In The Darkest Night

via Daily Prompt: Shine Imagine yourself to have woken up alone in a dark cave.. You can feel the cold, rocky walls of the cave, and a sudden turmoil of emotions starts attacking your heart..Panic slowly seeps into your mind..The deafening silence echoes your racing heartbeats..The haunting solitude makes you feel hopeless, having been abandoned …

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With just 5 seconds and 5 words, he took a nation by storm

via Daily Prompt: Ovation It took hardly 5 seconds for this young mystic in saffron robes to conquer the hearts of 7000 people comprising of intellectuals and religiously inclined, who had gathered  at the Art Institute of Chicago for the Parliament of the World's Religions, 1893. Some of us may not know him at all. …

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