Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #11 : Justice

While penning this down, I had two thoughts : Originally, I wanted to title it as 'She', as the quote reflects what I wish to be..But on second thoughts, I decided 'Justice' would be better. I believe we all should live such a life, wherein we are dear to the virtuous, but also bold & …

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Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #6 : Father’s Day Special – Heroes

Today is Father's Day here in India..This post is my little gift to my dear Acha (that's how we call father in my native tongue, malayalam), who is my source of strength, support and safety. Acha..I know I'm a very rebellious daughter who gives you a hard time with her occasional, spoiled attitude...But I'm very …

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Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #4 : Friend

Another 'friendship' post...When fellows of my age often write about love failures, I write about 'friendship failures'..But every failure is a lesson to remember.😄 If you like this post, you might want to read the following posts on friendships : A Late Realization.. The Gift Drifting Away… The Yellow Rose I'll be glad if you …

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