Quatrain #3

What are you running for?


New Year Greetings

It is almost a week into 2018. I might be the latest one here on wordpress to post a New Year blog. But 'better late than never', right? So, here I'm with my heartfelt greetings and prayers for the new year.   Oh Lord! The Love & Light of my life..Please give us strength to …

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‘The Peepal’ Birthday Post – Thank You!!! 😊

Yay!!! Today, Nov 5th, marks the first anniversary of 'The Peepal' and my first birthday as 'underthepeepal'. Looking back at the first time I pressed the 'publish' button (that was for my first post Welcome to peepal, people!), I realize how much this blog was able to grow due to the unconditional love and support I …

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While turning a new leaf – A prayer

We all experience it..the fear, the uncertainty, and the tense anticipation that accompany any new change in life..A myriad of emotions paint our hearts and our minds whenever a new leaf is turned. Perhaps, it's good to remind ourselves during those moments that change is the law of nature. It is during such periods of …

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