Nothing can be more suffocating

Than a narrow world where

Our hands are tied

Our lips are sealed

And our cores are caged,

Forced to be something else.

Alas! How well we could fly to fortune!

If only we had a world where we’re free

To be ourselves, without having to fear or flee..

A world where we can voice our choice

And all listens to own conscience

A world where we can sensibly argue

Without resentment, like it’s our due

It would be a bliss to live cordially

With respect and acceptance, in a territory

That is built on harmony in diversity.

If such a world were to exist in reality,

That would mean freedom, joy and prosperity.

Such a world sounds Utopian, of course

But not impossible to construct, in due course

If each of us choose to break the egoistic chain

That binds us to eternal struggle and pain.

-©Surya Ramachandran

In response to daily prompt : Territory

The featured image is from public domain :

white tiger in a cage by bwstock

I thought this image was perfect because we all are tigers deep within – powerful, majestic and strong.  The cage can be either our own ego, or someone else’s ego. When we are bound by our ego, we restrict our own growth. And when we live in a world defined by egoists who hush our voices and tame us, we become powerless and weak. We all are tigers who have immense potential to grow, but only if we all decide to live and grow together. If we choose otherwise, some of us will become ferocious tigers that roam freely, while the rest of us will live like sheep.





18 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. Hello Sandhya!
      Glad you liked it😊..You have a point..sense does seem to disappear the very moment most of us start arguing. I wish that weren’t the case, though..I must say I loved the way you personified ‘sense’ in your comment.


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