Listen to me now, keenly,

For I want you to know how madly

I’ve fallen for your charm, entrapped,

For you are a celestial gift, my superpower

And you are the devil’s spell, my kryptonite..

The fuel that drives me all along

As well as the friction that slows me down..

I know you’ve given me wings to fly and soar

But you’ve also caged me in a confusing chaos;

Smiles, hope and ecstasy you’ve gifted,

But, tears, despair and melancholy too you’ve granted.

I do not know if being charmed by you is a sin,

You are the only drug I willingly indulge in,

Only to regret later, for the lost time haunts me,

Even when I know you’ve kept me company

Through thick and thin, ever since

I could think and make memories..

I cannot fathom an existence without you

Haunting me from the morning, when I wake up to

The sunlight streaming through the window,

To the dead, silent night that lulls me to sleep..

What have you done?! I was supposed to be your master

But now, I’ve become your obedient slave

Who listens to your whispers and fantastical stories,

And meets numerous people, and have conversations

Writing down words like I do now, as you play

With my heart, mind and soul, like a puppeteer.

Oh dear!, You are both my freedom and fear

Forever trapped in your embrace,

Always seeking you for solace..

I appeal to you! Kindly loosen this grip

For at times, it becomes fatal and suffocating

‘Cause I know that many of your whispers are lies

Your stories being hard to realize

In this black and white world, so please don’t paint

My eyes; I’m becoming incurably blind 

To the harsh, dark reality,

Almost losing my sanity…


 -Surya Ramachandran