A Prayer for Purification

via Daily Prompt: Unseen

Guided by unseen forces

From sacred inner sources,

Bring life to the Angels

And death to the Devils!

May the light within

Light the world without!

-Surya Ramachandran

We all are on a constant war..War within ourselves. War with ourselves. The constant battle to tame our inner devils, and rejuvenate our inner Angels. As tempted as we may be to annihilate the demonic forces that torment the world around us and save the pure hearts, the starting point to creating a better world lie in saving ourselves..Saving our sacred selves from the grips of the devils that reside in us to tempt us towards the unjust paths.Strive we should to kill those demons! And let the sacred glow from the interior illuminate the exterior, guided by the grace of the Divine forces.



Featured image from Public Domain:

‘Public Domain Dedication CC0 t5001’ by gnuckx.



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