I found myself on a visit to the house of a family friend, of whom neither name nor face I could recollect. I stood in that old house like a stranger, while my parents listened keenly to the uncle who owned the place. I watched the shadows  dance on the worn out walls of the room dimly lit with an oil lamp, rendering the modern house an ancient feel. I wondered why they didn’t have an inverter or an emergency lamp to deal with power cuts. It was eerie, with the clock having struck 10 pm, and the cloudy sky refusing to let out the moon shine.

That was when I overheard their conversation.

“…We tried many things. Consulted several capable astrologers. All of them reached the same conclusion. That there is a disturbed spirit haunting this place. We have sought the service of a distinguished sorcerer from the south. He has agreed to help us soon”.

Maybe it was the chilling wind..I felt a shiver down my spine.

I was looking out to the blackness of the backyard, standing near the kitchen door, while my mother spoke to the uncle’s wife. That was when I suddenly found my voice remarking, as if in an automated response.

“This is crazy. I do believe in souls. But not in ghosts. I do not believe in them, not unless I see them with my own eyes”.

Everyone stared. The skeptic inside me was thoroughly displeased with the idea of a spirit who had no better job to do than haunt a house such as that. Maybe, they did have an inverter or an emergency lamp. Maybe the ghost thought that an electrically well- lit modern home was no suitable setting for its horror play..

I amused myself with such propositions.

Surprisingly, no one corrected or argued..Not even my parents. No answer was given. Everyone went back to their own business. And I stood silent, watching the blackness that engulfed half of the house.

When the clock struck 11 pm, we decided that it was time to leave. We said goodbyes and proceeded to our car parked in the front. My father handed me his phone for a while, and I noticed that the gallery was open.

Apparently, someone (either my father or my brother) had fancied the idea of clicking a few photographs of the front yard that drowned in darkness. I glanced at the photos one by one, wondering what anyone could possibly find in that pitch black pictures. I was about to return the phone to my father when I noticed the last shot.

It was obviously taken from the gate, for the front view of the house could  be traced in the moonlight that had somehow pierced through the clouds then. But it wasn’t the moonlit appearance of the house or that of its strangely pitch black interior that sent the chill down my spine..It was the presence of a lady in white, standing at the far right end of the photo, that made me feel light, boneless, and bloodless.

I saw her face…an unrecognizable face that was round and glorious like the full moon. It was beautiful…she was beautiful..

I had received my answer.  It had come as a jolt.

All I knew was that my life wouldn’t be the same anymore. All I knew was that I would see her every night, when I stare at the darkness that lurk outside my windows.

I knew I could never forget her in my life..not even after the sorcerer manages to exorcise her out of that cursed place.

I felt the wind brushing my face..I could hear no one..See no one..And I stood still, pale and numb, staring at the curtain of  eerie darkness that was before me…

That was when I heard the voice…the voice that I knew was from the depth of my consciousness..

“It’s alright..You are dreaming…Everything will be the same when you open your eyes”.

Sure enough, my half-open eyes sensed the sunlight streaming through the windows. I found myself on my cozy bed, and I took my phone out to have the lovely sight of my Lord’s picture. The clock showed 6:18 am.

I heaved a sigh of relief…For I knew that my life will be the same as before.

I had this dream/nightmare a few days ago.  It was one of the most vivid ones I had ever had in my life. It was surreal..and haunting. It is very difficult to put certain experiences in words, especially with a limited vocabulary.

In a way, I’m glad that that was just a dream. Had it been real, I would have been so transformed to the core. For I know that the next thing I’ll do, would be to study sorcery and demonology.😅

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had any paranormal experience? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.



Featured image from public domain :

The Moon and the Clouds. by Andy